Come Back To Me

by David Cook

You say you gotta go and find yourself
You say that you're becoming someone else
Don't recognize the face in the mirror
Looking back at you

You say you're leavin'
As you look away
I know there's really nothin' left to say
Just know I'm here
Whenever you need me
I'll wait for you

So I'll let you go
I'll set you free
And when you see what you need to see
When you find you come back to me

Take your time i wont go anywhere
Picture you with the wind in your hair
I'll keep your things right where you left them
I'll be here for you

Oh and I'll let you go
I'll set you free
And when you see what you need to see
When you find you come back to me

And i hope you find everything that you need
I'll be right here waiting to see
You find you come back to me

I can't get close if your not there
I can't get inside if there's no soul to bear
I can't fix you i can't save you
Its something you have to do

So I'll let you go
I'll set you free
And when you see what you need to see
When you find you come back to me
Come back to me
So I'll let you go

I'll set you free
And when you see what you need to see
When you find you come back to me

And i hope you find everything that you need
I'll be right here waiting to see
You find you come back to me

When you find you come back to me
When you find you come back to me
When you find you come back to me

This song came to me the day after a very depressive night. It was really kind of a weird coincidence that it was playing right when I turned on the tube and switched to the music channel. Come Back to Me is a hopeful farewell kind of song in the sense that your saying goodbye to the one you love who seeks some time alone to search for whats missing in her life and yet you're still hoping that she'll be coming back to you after the much needed absence. I can really relate to this song because, I used to be that guy who believed that things can always be solved together and I always would take it upon myself to stick around and wait for the moment that she'll be okay so I would just be right there, easy to find when she needs me. But as time has proven then and again that this method is a complete bust. I have completely changed my views regarding this matter. I have learned that I should be stronger and more knowledgeable on when to accept the things you have no hold of and just let go and just be patient and wait for the moment when all things will eventually fall into place just like God has planned. Losing the person you truly care about is hard to deal with and letting go is a painful process. But, both is a welcome sacrifice. Especially when you know that giving her up means she could pick up the puzzle pieces of her life to make the whole.
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2009 NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals

Four Teams are left & a win in this series match up will matter now with not only the conference title on the line but also the chance to play for the NBA's Grandest Stage, The NBA Finals.

(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs.(2) Denver Nuggets

Lakers Win 4-2

game 1: Nuggets 103 at Lakers 105
game 2: Nuggets 106 at Lakers 103
game 3: Lakers 103 at Nuggets 97
game 4: Lakers 101 at Nuggets 120
game 5: Nuggets 94 at Lakers 103
game 6: Lakers 119 at Nuggets 92

After a grueling 7 game series against the Houston Rockets. The Los Angeles Lakers will now defend their western conference title against a much bigger & more talented team, the new west powerhouse, the Denver Nuggets. after 5 years of playoffs first round disappointments, the nuggets have found what they need to go further in the playoffs, Chauncey Billups. With Chaunceys leadership, the talent of this Denver team has now been fully utilized and have been on an unstoppable momentum even before the playoffs began. If they continue to play as a team & their reserves stay energized off the bench, they'll take this series away from the defending west conference champs. The Lakers will have a much tougher series this time around than the previous one. The Nuggets are not known for their defense but they have a much bigger lineup than the Rockets. Pau Gasol & Andrew Bynum will have to exert more effort off the glass & on defense. Also, the Lakers reserve should step up to the challenge of the other teams bench. Kobe Bryant should do more of an imitation of himself more often then the last previous series for them to defend their title. Lakers will still win this on a game 7 thriller.

(1) Cleveland Cavaliers vs.(3) Orlando Magic

Magic leads 3-2

game 1: Magic 107 at Cavaliers 106
game 2: Magic 95 at Cavaliers 96
game 3: Cavaliers 89 at Magic 99
game 4: Cavaliers 114 at Magic 116
game 5: Magic 102 at Cavaliers 112

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been resting for this for almost 2 weeks & the Orland Magic only had 48 hours of rest after a decisive game 7 against the defending champs Boston Celtics. The Cavs have proven to be dominant force on this years playoffs, having an 8-0 record thus far & with all that wins in double digits, they are the big favorites to win on this finals series. The Cleveland team has never been more complete to take it all the way to winning it all than any other year. Lebron James should just continue his stellar performance & his team needs to maintain their momentum & tough defense. The Magic had a tough 7 game series the previous match up but they came up big on game 7 & the game 5 post game rant of Dwight Howard awaken the coaching staff on a huge concern they should focus on. The key for the Orlando team to take this one away from Lebron is to always hand Howard the ball on every possession to draw the double team & open up their sharp shooters & hit 3s. The Cavs can't sweep this series but will still win it going up 4-3 in game 7.
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2009 NBA Playoffs: Second Round/Conference Semi-Finals

After a sweep, a few game 5 & 6 and a couple of awesome game 7s. Now, we go to the 2nd round of the playoffs, featuring 6 out of my 8 predicted winners. Here are the match ups of the Conference Semi-Finals.


(1) Cleveland Cavaliers vs.(4) Atlanta Hawks

Cavaliers wins 4-0

game 1: Hawks 72 at Cavaliers 99
game 2: Hawks 85 at Cavaliers 105
game 3: Cavaliers 97 at Hawks 82
game 4: Cavaliers 84 at Hawks 74

After an impressive sweep of the Detroit Pistons by Lebron James and Company, next in line is the winner of game seven against the Miami Heat, Atlanta Hawks. The Hawks have fought a tough battle to get past to the second round of the playoffs but the Cavaliers will prove to be an even more difficult task. With Kings James and backup scorer Mo Williams filling up the score sheet and the rest of the team stepping up on defense, I think this will be another easy 4-0 sweep the Cleveland Cavaliers.

(2) Boston Celtics vs.(3) Orlando Magic

Magic Wins 4-3

game 1: Magic 95 at Celtics 90
game 2: Magic 94 at Celtics 112
game 3: Celtics 96 at Magic 117
game 4: Celtics 95 at Magic 94
game 5: Magic 88 at Celtics 92
game 6: Celtics 75 at Magic 83
game 7: Magic 101 at Celtics 82

After a classic full of overtime series with the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics will now face the up and coming east power house Orlando Magic. Without the energy and brilliant defense of Kevin Garnett, the Celtics will have a hard time containing the Young Big Man Dwight Howard in the paint. The key to the Celtics to get past this round is their defense they need to double up on Howard but at the same time not leaving the key perimeter shooters of the Orlando Magic and for the Magic to win in this series, they need to contain either of the other two all stars Paul Pierce or Ray Allen. My bet is that the Orlando Magic will take this series in game seven 4-3.


(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs.(5) Houston Rockets

Lakers wins 4-3

game 1: Rockets 100 at Lakers 92
game 2: Rockets 98 at Lakers 111
game 3: Lakers 108 at Rockets 94
game 4: Lakers 87 at Rockets 99
game 5: Rockets 78 at Lakers 118
game 6: Lakers 80 at Rockets 95
game 7: Rockets 70 at Lakers 89

The Los Angeles Lakers are big favorites in this series, coming off a very Utah convincing victory over the Utah Jazz, but they better not underestimate a very strong Houston Rockets team. The Lakers have Kobe Bryant, who is the best player in the Conference. The Rockets, though, have two very good perimeter defenders in Ron Artest and Shane Battier who figure to make things tough on him. However, when Kobe is in the zone, no one is going to stop him. This will be a very hard fought battle with both teams having a player to match at every position. The key here for the Rockets is not only to step up on the defensive end but to also be more consistent at playing as a team for them to keep up at the offensive end. Sorry for the Rockets, they can only get past the past round this year. Lakers will take this with a 4-2 win.

(2) Denver Nuggets vs.(6) Dallas Mavericks

Nuggets wins 4-1

game 1: Mavericks 95 at Nuggets 109
game 2: Mavericks 105 at Nuggets 117
game 3: Nuggets 106 at Mavericks 105
game 4: Nuggets 117 at Mavericks 119
game 5: Mavericks 110 at Nuggets 124

Both Teams are coming off impressive wins against their first round opponent. This match up will prove to be a battle of two offensive juggernauts so expect this to be a very high scoring series. The Mavericks are playing their best postseason games since 2006 and they can attribute that to their much improved defense. The Nuggets has emerge as a Western Powerhouse Team and they're still carrying their momentum from the last games of the regular season. There will be a lot of focus in the match up in the point, Chauncey Billups was big in the first round and Jason Kidd was solid but I think Billups has a lot more left in his tank than Kidd. The key to this match up are the two small forwards of the team, Josh Howard and Carmelo Anthony, the consistency of their scoring will determine the outcome of each game. But the Nuggets should always be aware of the scoring prowess and different mismatches they'll get from Dirk Nowitzki.
I'm gonna be rooting for the Mavs to win this one with defensive intensity 4-3.

This second round match ups are more fun to watch than the previous round but it is more difficult to determine who will take the series cause most of the second round series match ups are evenly match.
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2009 NBA Playoffs: First Round

The 2009 NBA Playoffs are here and it took all 82 games of the regular season to determine their match-ups. Check to see whom your favorite NBA team will be up against in the first round of the NBA postseason, as well as my predictions for each first round series.


(1) Cleveland Cavaliers (66-16) vs. (8) Detroit Pistons (39-43)

Cavaliers wins 4-0
game 1: Pistons 84 at Cavaliers 102
game 2: Pistons 82 at Cavaliers 94
game 3: Cavaliers 79 at Pistons 68
game 4: Cavaliers 99 at Pistons 78

Cavaliers won series 3-1
Nov. 19: at Pistons 96, Cavaliers 89
Feb. 1: Cavaliers 90 at Pistons 80
Feb. 22: at Cavaliers 99, Pistons 78
Mar. 31: at Cavaliers 79, Pistons 73

King James and his knights are simply rolling. Heading into the playoffs they seemed to be at the top of their game and that's a bad thing for the other playoff teams. The Cavs finished with the best record in the NBA and will have home court advantage through out the play offs. LeBron seems to not only have found his Scottie Pippen in Mo Williams to his Michael Jordan, but the other players around them have elevated their games. Since the trade Chauncey Billups for Allen Iverson, the Pistons seemed to be a totally different team and the chemistry between Iverson and the team never happened. This series will end after four games. Cavs win with a sweep 4-0.

(2) Boston Celtics (62-20) vs. (7) Chicago Bulls (41-41)

Celtics wins 4-3
game 1: Bulls 105 at Celtics 103
game 2: Bulls 115 at Celtics 118
game 3: Celtics 107 at Bulls 86
game 4: Celtics 118 at Bulls 121
game 5: Bulls 104 at Celtics 106
game 6: Celtics 127 at Bulls 128
game 7: Bulls 99 at Celtics 109

Celtics won series 2-1
Oct. 31: at Celtics 96, Bulls 80
Dec. 19: at Celtics 126, Bulls 108
Mar. 17: at Bulls 127, Celtics 121

It looks like the Big Ticket, the key piece to their NBA championship run last season will miss all of the 2009 playoffs, which makes the goal of a repeat a very difficult task. But ofcourse, you can't overlook Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and the rest of the Celtics, but Garnett is the heart and soul of the team. The Celtics should get past the much improved Bulls and their young dynamic guard, Derrick Rose, but the road to the finals is much much tougher. Especially if they come face to face with the Cavs. Celtics takes the series 4-2.

(3) Orlando Magic (59-23) vs. (6) Philadelphia 76ers (41-41)

Magic wins 4-2
game 1: 76ers 100 at Magic 98
game 2: 76ers 87 at Magic 96
game 3: Magic 94 at 76ers 96
game 4: Magic 84 at 76ers 81
game 5: 76ers 78 at Magic 91
game 6: Magic 114 at 76ers 89

Magic won series 3-0
Nov. 6: at Magic 98, 76ers 88
Nov. 26: Magic 96 at 76ers 94
Feb. 28: Magic 106 at 76ers 100

The Magic is one of the teams I'm rooting for to go far in thie years playoffs. With undoubtedly the Best Young Big Men of the game today, Dwight Howard & His two outside gunners Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis, who open things up for the big guy to wrech havoc on the inside. I thought they we're a goner when they lost Jameer Nelson to injury, but, the trade for Rafer Alston was a life saver.
Before the Sixers lost Elton Brand due to season ending injury. they were a heavy favorites to go far in the playoffs.However, they were able to emerge with a .500 record and made it into the playoffs. The Magic should win this series 4-2.

(4) Atlanta Hawks (47-35) vs. (5) Miami Heat (43-39)

Series tied 3-3
game 1: Heat 64 at Hawks 90
game 2: Heat 108 at Hawks 93
game 3: Hawks 78 at Heat 107
game 4: Hawks 81 at Heat 71
game 5: Heat 91 at Hawks 106
game 6: Hawks 72 at Heat 98
game 7: Heat 74 at Hawks 91

Hawks won series 3-1
Dec. 12: Hawks 87 at Heat 73
Jan. 26: at Heat 95, Hawks 79
Feb. 27: at Hawks 91, Heat 83
Apr. 14: at Hawks 81, Heat 79

This is by far, the most interesting Eastern Conference match-up to watch. The Hawks improved on their under-.500 record last year and really stepped up their game. They've got great talent in Joe Johnson and Josh Smith, not to mention the veteren Sharp Shooter Mike Bibby, but they will be going up against My main Man Dwyane 'The Flash' Wade on this series. Despite the Hawks winning the regular season series, I think scoring champs ability of taking over games and series, which he has shown before during the 2006 NBA Finals leading to the Heat's only NBA title, is a big hurdle for the Hawks to get past first round. This series will go to game seven, Heat burning Hawks 4-3.


(1) Los Angeles Lakers (65-17) vs. (8) Utah Jazz (48-34)

Lakers wins 4-1
game 1: Jazz 100 at Lakers 113
game 2: Jazz 109 at Lakers 119
game 3: Lakers 86 at Jazz 88
game 4: Lakers 108 at Jazz 94
game 5: Jazz 96 at Lakers 107

Lakers won series 2-1
Jan. 2: at Lakers 113, Jazz 100
Feb. 11: at Jazz 113, Lakers 109
Apr. 14: at Lakers 125, Jazz 112

The Lakers, with Andrew Bynum back, won't even be slightly intimidated by the tough and always surprising Jazz. They'll never be more complete to take the NBA championship than today, with Kobe Bryant being himself. Plus, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Trevor Ariza and Derek Fisher. This will be a very close and hard-fought series, but i'm still hoping that the Lakers will sweep the Jazz. Lakers move to the second round 4-0.

(2) Denver Nuggets (54-28) vs. (7) New Orleans Hornets (49-33)

Nuggets wins 4-1
game 1: Hornets 84 at Nuggets 113
game 2: Hornets 93 at Nuggets 108
game 3: Nuggets 93 at Hornets 95
game 4: Nuggets 121 at Hornets 63
game 5: Hornets 86 at Nuggets 107

Series tied 2-2
Nov. 27: Hornets 105 at Nuggets 101
Jan. 3: at Nuggets 105, Hornets 100
Jan. 28: at Hornets 94, Nuggets 81
Mar. 25: Nuggets 101 at Hornets 88

Getting Chauncey Billups is the best thing that had happen to the Nuggets since acquiring Carmelo Anthony in the drafts. Lets just hope that the whole team will get some of Billups postsason efficiency.
Chris Paul will have to do more on this series, with his teammates Tyson Chandler and Peja Stojakovic not being 100%, he should continue to take over games this post season to push through to the next round.
Nuggets continue from there regular season momentum and will win this round 4-2.

(3) San Antonio Spurs (54-28) vs. (6) Dallas Mavericks (50-32)

Mavericks wins 4-1
game 1: Mavericks 105 at Spurs 97
game 2: Mavericks 84 at Spurs 105
game 3: Spurs 67 at Mavericks 88
game 4: Spurs 90 at Mavericks 99
game 5: Mavericks 106 at Spurs 93

Series tied 2-2
Nov. 4: Mavericks 98 at Spurs 81
Dec. 9: Spurs 133 at Mavericks 126 (OT)
Feb. 24: at Spurs 93, Mavericks 76
Mar. 4: at Mavericks 107, Spurs 102

This will be a tough 2009 Playoffs for the used to be NBA champs Spurs, not having the energy booster and all around scoring of Manu Ginobili due to injury. But don't count them out, The Spurs are known to step their game up during tha post season. With Tim Duncan and Tony Parker in this team, they still are a team to beat. The Mavericks with Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry, Jason Kidd & Josh Howard, this will be an interesting match-up to watch. But still, I would have to go with the proven Spurs winning in games seven 4-3.

(4) Portland Trail Blazers (54-28) vs. (5) Houston Rockets (53-29)

Rockets wins 4-2
game 1: Rockets 108 at Trail Blazers 81
game 2: Rockets 103 at Trail Blazers 107
game 3: Trail Blazers 83 at Rockets 86
game 4: Trail Blazers 88 at Rockets 89
game 5: Rockets 77 at Trail Blazers 88
game 6: Trail Blazers 76 at Rockets 92

Rockets won series 2-1
Nov. 6: at Trail Blazers 101, Rockets 99 (OT)
Feb. 24: at Rockets 98, Trail Blazers 94
Apr. 5: at Rockets 102, Trail Blazers 88

The Rockets, with Yao Ming and Ron Artest, will have to get through Brandon Roy and the young talented Trail Blazers to get over the first round curse. This will be a very hard-fought series and I'll still go with My Team ofcourse getting through the second round with a win in game seven 4-3.

There you go. This is all just my insight and some of it are just based on who the team I like in the match-up.
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Link Ads by Mafia Boss

After a week of not updating my blog site due to the Lenten Season(lame excuse...tinamad lang talaga ko magupdate...hehe)Now, I'm updating it with the new link ads to my social networks and others(courtesy of Lex ^_^).

I had no idea before, on how to put those link advertisement. I've been seeing those on other blogs and often wonder how they do it. i also tried some widgets up to see if it works that way, but I only managed to point the links thru text. good thing yesterday, while viewing some profiles of the people i plurk with. I came across this blog of a good plurk friend of mine Lex(feeling close talaga...hehe) and saw that she have one herself. i asked her about it and she was kind enough to lend me a helping hand.she thought me how to do it and even offered to make the advers herself(offered nga ba?o i forced her to do it.hehe).

Below are the work of Lex aka Neko aka Jaz aka Jiashi aka Mafia Boss:

To Lex:
Thank You Very
Much for the help and for being so kind. As I've said in my comment in your blog, keep up on whatever you are doing. You have the talent, so don't waste it. I really admire how you put yourself in your blog. I could only wish to be half as good as you(nax, may ganon pa..hehe).Next time uli. ^_^

Check her out here:
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Holy Week in the Philippines

In the Philippines as the only dominant Christian country in Asia, Holy Week would mean “obligation”. People would take this opportunity to reflect on their faults and in different ways people express their commemoration of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Combined primitive traditions to modern day expression of faith is practiced all over the country.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday, the Church celebrates the coming of Christ into Jerusalem. At mass, Filipino church goers bring palm fronds to be blessed by the facilitating priest. After the mass they bring it home and placed in front doors or windows, it is believed to be protection from evil spirits that would want to enter their homes.

Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday these days mainly commemorates Jesus Christ's entry to Jerusalem until his very Last Supper. Holy Monday starts the traditional “Pabasa”, chanting of the passion, death and resurrection of Christ. Nowadays modern tunes are acceptable to draw children closer to the tradition.

Maundy Thursday then is all about the Last Supper itself Christ being with his eleven apostles. During this time Catholic devotees usually perform “Visita Iglesia”, visit different churches and prays the Stations of the Cross. During Maundy Thursdays also people do reenactment of the Washing of the Feet of the Apostles.

Good Friday is commemorated with street processions, and plays about the Seven Last Words and Passion called “Senakulo”. In Pampanga, Senakulo highlights their contribution to the season. Their celebration is consisted of people who are doing their “Panata” (vow) each year as their thanksgiving to their answered petitions.

Black Saturday, as it is called in the Philippines, was observed with great silence. People perform vigils as they await for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter Sunday starts with the “Salubong” (meeting), the reunion of the Virgin Mother Mary with his son Jesus after his resurrection. At Pre-dawn people gather and join the procession to their town church and hear mass.

No matter how much intact we are with Christianity, we all have our own expression of faith. We have traditions to celebrate but we should not forget our personal relationship with God every single day. May every Holy week just bring us even closer to him and tends us to do things for his glory.
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The Penguins of Madagascar

The new cartoon series brought to you by Nickelodeon & Dreamworks, based on the familiar four cute penguin strike force we all loved & adored in the 3d animated films Madagascar & in the sequel Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

Set in their original home, The Central Park Zoo, the fearsome four are back! Not to plan another escape but now their mission is to maintain order in the zoo from their nemesis, the obnoxious new neighbor, King Julien XIII. This party animal & self proclaimed “King of Lemurs” is new to the zoo life & he’s planning to shake things up.

If you loved them before in the big screen, you’ll love them even more now that they have their own mini adventure inside the zoo, with them now, being the big stars.

Below are the cast & some shots of the show:

The Single Minded & Natural Born Leader.

The Scientific Mind.

The Loose Cannon & Demolition Expert.

The Unsure & Naive of the bunch.

Attack Formation

Cute & Cuddly Move

Lemur neighbors, Maurice, King Julien XIII & Mort

the cute & adorable but annoying Mort

Stray Cat Max

New to the Zoo Marlene.

Sewer Croc Roger

Phil & Mason, the sophisticated chimps
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Vote Earth for Earth Hour 2009!!!


Hi Friends, let us all support Earth Hour. This year, Earth Hour has been transformed into the world’s first global election, between Earth and global warming. Please vote Earth! There is no need to come out of your house to register & vote. All we have to do is turn off all our lights for just one hour. Tonight at 8:30-9:30 pm people all over the world is encouraged to VOTE EARTH and reach the target of 1 billion votes, which will be presented to world leaders at the Global Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen 2009. This meeting will determine official government policies to take action against global warming, which will replace the Kyoto Protocol.

There's a lot of stuff we can do during Earth Hour, kids can go play hide & seek with their friends, couples can have a candlelight dinner or we could just go out with our loved ones & look up to the skies & star gaze. Turning off our lights for just an hour can mean a big difference in our fight against global warming & help save the world that we live in.

So let our voices be heard around the world by switching off our lights tonight at 8:30-9:30 pm.

Thank You all & God Bless Us!!! ^_^
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It's a Terrible Life

Season: 4

Episode: 17
First Aired: 3/26/2009

Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam
(Jared Padalecki) are living very normal and separate lives. Dean is a corporate man who enjoys health drinks and listens to news radio vs. rock stations. He works at a company called Sandover Bridge & Iron Company alongside Sam who is in Tech Support. It seems as if the two do not know each other. However, after co-workers start committing suicide at an alarming rate, the two find themselves working side by side to solve the murders.

Below are some snapshots & the character name they portrayed in the episode:

Dean Smith, Director of Sales & Marketing

Sam Wesson, Technical Support Officer

Stranger to themselves Sam & Dean

New Angel Zachariah(Castiel's Superior) as Mr. Adler
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Naruto Manga 441

Rasen Shuriken vs Shinra Tensei!!!

Naruto has completely snapped out of the 9 Tailed Demon Fox's control with the help of his father The Fourth. Back in sage mode he realizes that the Pain his fighting is not the real Pain and now wants to speak to the real one(Nagato). Eventually, Naruto locates Nagato's location by getting one of Pains transmitter during battle, but still the fight against God Realm Pain continues.
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