Watch Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 1 - Sixteen Chefs Compete

Watch Hell's Kitchen S7E1: Sixteen Chefs Compete

As the start of the sevent season of Hell's Kitchen opens, Chef Ramsay, made his presence felt early as he introduced himself to the new 16 contestants for this latest season and have greeted them with their first dinner service. Now, they have been divided into two groups, the male and female group, then they have been sent to the kitchen to go and start preparing their signature dishes. When the presentation of the dishes to Chef Ramsay has been done, he then sent them to go and learn the menu and start preparing again for the dinner service, but sadly, they didn't perform to the Top Chef's expectations.

The latest episode of Hell's Kitchen which is entitled "Sixteen Chefs Compete" is the TV show's 1st episode of the 7th season that aired last 06/01/2010 Tuesday at 8:00 PM on FOX.

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