Watch Hell's Kitchen Season 7 Episode 3 - HK7 - Day Four

Watch Hell's Kitchen S7E3: HK7 - Day Four

The latest installment of Hell's Kitchen is the TV show's 3rd episode of the 7th season that aired last 06/15/2010 Tuesday at 8:00 PM on FOX.

The two teams now competes to make a dish on which the ingredients will be based on the roll of the dice where one of the team made an unusual choice but the result comes down close, with the last factor will be based on the quality and not the class of the dishes. The prize of the winning team will be the chance to enjoy a day at the wind tunnel, and the losers will be made to clean the front yard of the house and make ready the two kitchens for the evening service. During the preparation, one of the chef falls apart and needs to be confided back to normal. The night's dinner service featured some strong cooking as well as some flops but Chef Ramsay was happy about one of the chef that he have been pushing as of late. An unexpected change has been made at the end of the evening by Chef Ramsay.

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