Touchdown Jesus On Fire in Monroe, Ohio

The Famous Giant Statue of Jesus Christ which also goes by the names: Touchdown Jesus, King of Kings and Big Butter Jesus that was built beside that the Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio near the Interstate highway 75 and just above Cincinnati due north has been struck by lightening during the thunderstorm last Monday night, June 14, 2010, about 11:15 PM and it immediately turned into a blaze of fire and have eventually consumed itself and burned to the ground.

The said six story tall statue of Jesus Christ with His arms raised was built more than half a decade ago in 2004 was actually made of fiberglass and plastic foam that have been put over a solid steel frame which explains why the fire consumed the whole statue leaving only the solid frame.

Also beside the statue was the amphitheater that has also caught on fire but reports states that no injury of any sort have been involved in this incident.

Below are some pictures and a video of the Solid Rock Church and Touchdown Jesus:

Solid Rock Church

Interstate 75

Touchdown Jesus on fire

King of Kings steel frame

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