Watch Big Brother Season 12 Episode 23 - HoH Competition #9 & Nomination Ceremony #9

Watch Big Brother S12E23: HoH Competition #9 & Nomination Ceremony #9

Brendon and Matt are the ones who gotten evicted in the double eviction episode, right after it is the ninth Head of Household Competition which will lead to the ninth set of HouseGuests being nominated by the new Head of Household. After those, Pandora' Box appeared again and gave the latest Head of Household the chance to get 3 envelopes in the "Money Tree" where the envelopes contains some money for them but also, each envelopes that they open is equivalent to a punishment that they have to endure.

The new installment of Big Brother which is entitled "HoH Competition #9 & Nomination Ceremony #9" is the hit reality TV show's 23rd episode of the 12th season that aired last  08/29/2010 Sunday at 8:00 PM on CBS.

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