Watch 90210 Season 3 Episode 2 - Age of Inheritance

Watch 90210 S3E2: Age of Inheritance

The new installment of our favorite Wilson Family of 90210, which is entitled "Age of Inheritance" is the drama hit TV show's 2nd episode of the 3rd season that aired last 09/20/2010 Monday at 8:00 PM on CW.

Naomi discovers a way on how she can get some cash off her trust fund and have used it to throw herself a big birthday party and invited the Honey Brothers to play for her. Liam, Navid and Dixon goes out with Oscar to have fun, but the fun stops for Dixon as he finds himself in a predicament when Ivy saw an online photo of him taking a body shot off another girl. Annie still wants her relationship with Liam even though she met a guy at the coffee shop that she felt real connection with. Teddy is being confronted by Silver about his drinking problem and Jen is forced to bed rest until she delivers her baby.

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