Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 2 - Brave New World

Watch The Vampire Diaries S2E2: Brave New World

The latest installment of our favorite teen vampires in The Vampire Diaries, which is entitled "Brave New World" is the sci-fi hit drama TV show's 2nd episode of the 2nd season that aired last 09/16/2010 Thursday 8:00 PM on CW. 

After being released from the hospital, Caroline, gone with her friends to the Mystic Falls Carnival. Though Elena and Stefan are supportive regarding Caroline's behavior, Damon still wants to do some precautionary actions while Matt, despite being really confused about Caroline's actions, still tells her how he feels. Meanwhile, Bonnie choices Damon as the person she wants to take out her frustrations to about everything that is happening while Damon is starting to suspect Mason Lockwood and now uses Tyler's hot tempered attitude to lure him and make him reveal his well kept secrets.

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