Watch Supernatural Season 6 Episode 4 - Weekend At Bobby's

Watch Supernatural S6E4: Weekend At Bobby's

The new installment of our favorite brother hunters of Supernatural, which is entitled "Weekend At Bobby's" is the sci-fi hit TV show's 4th episode of the 6th season that aired last 10/15/2010 Friday 9:00 PM on CW.

Bobby summoned Crowley to ask him to be true to his word and now give his soul back, but as a demon, he turned back his word on which now left Bobby in search for another way to get it back. He now gets the real name of Crowley, when he was still alive as a human, out of a demon under him using a way that everyone thought was only a myth. As Bobby now go in search for the remains of Crowley he got some help from an old friend of his and quickly got to cook up his plans. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam takes on an creature that have never before seen in the area which seems to be happening a lot lately.

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