Watch Survivor Season 21 Episode 4 - Pulling the Trigger

Watch Survivor S21E4: Pulling the Trigger

On the morning when the Espada tribe wakes up, they quickly discovers the result of last nights heavy rainfalls in Nicaragua which now blocks them from going to their fishing spot. On La Flor, Brenda figures out where the hidden immunity idol is located and she now tells NaOnka, then the both of them finds the said idol. Meanwhile, Alina and Kelly B. discusses their dislike of NaOnka and also goes in search for the hidden idol which they didn't know was already found earlier. On the next day, Espada goes to discuss about their next strategy for the coming challenge but a disagreement broke off Marty and Jimmy T.

The new installment of our favorite reality show that started it all, Survivor, is the reality hit TV show's 4th episode of the 21st season aired 10/06/2010 Wednesday at 8:00 PM on CBS.

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